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Shalako Kiva Fireplace KitAlthough not exclusive to the Southwest, Kiva (beehive or arched) fireplaces are a signature style commonplace throughout the southwestern United States. Historically construction of these fireplaces required the skills of a trained mason and could only be installed where forethought and planning was used in the preparation of the supporting foundation. This is no longer a requirement. Today, with the aid of a lightweight kiva fireplace kit, you can install an authentic arched fireplace in any room in any home, upstairs or down, even a mobile home. Many home owners and contractors have selected the kiva fireplace kits available from Southwest Building Supply and installed them in locations throughout the United States.

Hopi Kiva Fireplace KitAlthough it is recommended that installation be done by a contractor, many have been installed by do-it-yourself homeowners. Be sure to conform with local codes if you decided to install your own kiva fireplace. Southwest Building Supply now offers a Southwestern Kiva Fireplace Kit in a variety of inspired styles. As you peruse the images on this site see if you can tell which fireplaces are from kits or built in place by expensive skilled craftsmen.

The firebox in Southwest Building Supply's Kiva Fireplace Kit is made of lightweight concrete lined with firebrick. Each Kiva fireplace kit includes a three piece firebox, preformed face frame and all specialized hardware necessary for assembly. The chimney is lightweight double wall steel requiring only minimal clearance. You will need some basic materials which may vary depending on your unique installation, such as concrete block and plaster or stucco. These materials can be purchased from your local building supply center. Chimney components can be purchased locally or purchased from Southwest Building Supply along with your fireplace kit. They have skilled representatives that will be happy to assist you.

Because the firebox is lined with firebrick, a kit Kiva fireplace can burn wood logs or optionally be equipped with gas burner and Ceramic Logs. This arched southwestern style kiva or “beehive” fireplace is built to last as long as your home.